Cities of the Future Will Make a Place For Wilderness

All around the world, cities are spreading out into the surrounding land — but nature is unexpectedly asserting itself in the heart of the metropolises, as well. A number of carnivores are not just adapting to cities around the globe, but actually thriving. And meanwhile some urban trees can grow as much as eight times … » 5/04/12 8:00am 5/04/12 8:00am

Commentary track explains why the Avengers are so mad at the X-Men

For the latest installment of the Avengers vs. X-Men saga, its writer Jason Aaron has a commentary track on Comic Book Resources. In it, Aaron talks about the nature of the drama and its pivotal scenes, including how one scene was almost removed from the book. » 4/27/12 10:26am 4/27/12 10:26am

10 Coolest Fictional Asteroids of All Time

The asteroid-mining venture recently unveiled by James Cameron, Google executives and others sounds like it comes straight out of science fiction — but science fictional asteroids have done way more than just provide raw materials. » 4/26/12 10:15am 4/26/12 10:15am